There have been a variety of saddle pads on the market, but none completely solve the problems inherent with saddles: pressure on your horse’s spine, lack of flexibility, added warmth that leads to dehydration and overheating. Using Therm-a-Rest® technology, the Horse-Saddle-Rider (HSR) interface pad is a state-of-the-art riding tool for you and your horse that eliminates all of the problems associated with saddles and blanket-style pads. [learn more]

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HSR Saddle Pad Types

Riding High LLC offers patented horse saddle pads as Riding High Ther-E-Quest™ pads and Parelli Theraflex® pads The difference between the two is the models offered for your saddle. Both can be ordered through Riding High. [view pads]

HSR Shims

Use the innovative HSR shims to level your saddle, which can often be "downhill"; add a flared shape to the front of the saddle to allow freedom of motion for the horse's shoulders. Center shims can be added in cases of extreme sway in the horse's back. [more]

HSR Pad Technology

Non-absorptive felt for remarkable strength and crush recovery, breathability and evaporative drying capability; pad system allows elimination of all material contacting the horse’s spinal ligament providing unique freedom of movement. [more]