Riding High aircell saddle pad

Parelli Theraflex®
Riding High LLC offers a line of patented air-cell saddle pads as Parelli Theraflex.

Use the pictures below to determine what pad will work for your saddle.
Numbers after pad names are overall length and width (spread open) in inches.

Don't see what you need?  Please e-mail Riding High LLC to discuss a custom pad configuration!

Parelli Theraflex® air cell saddle pads click to view Ther-E-Quest™

50Standard_English.jpg (44985 bytes)

Standard English
26L x 34W
50Standard_Western.jpg (44282 bytes)

Standard Western
32L x 31W
standard western saddle pad Standard Western - Beige color
32L x 31W
Small Fluidity
26L x 38W
Large Fluidity
26L x 44W
50Large_Barrel.jpg (62060 bytes)
Large Performer
30L x 31W
Small Performer
28L x 28W
Parelli Ranch Roper saddle pad Ranch Roper
30L x 34W

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