No matter what kind of saddle you’re using, you can dramatically improve the riding experience for you and your horse with the HSR (Horse Saddle Rider Interface) Saddle Pad, sold as Theraflex® or Ther-E-Quest™ pads.

There have been a variety of saddle pads on the market, but none completely solve the problems inherent with saddles. Padding may reduce spot pressure, but does it eliminate the pressure on your horse’s spine? Does it give your horse more flexibility? Does it provide a system to work with your horse’s natural cooling system to avoid dehydration?

Horse-Saddle-Rider (HSR) Interface Pads

After years of research and development, Industrial Designer Alan Brownlie has created the state-of-the-art HSR (Horse Saddle Rider Interface) Saddle Pad that eliminates all of these problems associated with saddles. By adapting Therm-a-Rest® technology, Alan designed a totally new type of saddle pad called Theraflex® or Ther-E-Quest™. As a paradigm shift, this incredibly simple pad provides all the following benefits:

  • Evenly distributes your and your saddle weight over your horse’s back without putting any strain on their spine or supraspinous ligament.
  • Prevents your saddle from moving while you ride with it’s non-slip surface with a massaging, instead of rubbing, action.
  • Prevents dehydration with its special breathable fabric – it constantly allows the sweat to cool the horse as it was meant to instead of just mopping and collecting it, leaving your horse’s body no choice but to continuously create more sweat in an attempt to cool down.
  • Improves your riding contact with your horse because you are closer and the horse can respond to the slightest pressure cues you apply.
  • Allows your horse to move more freely through all gaits and turns by flexing with your horse instead of simply applying a static amount of pressure typical of rigidly connected pads.
  • Conforms and adjusts with the natural shape changes of your horse. Applies the correct amount of pressure to each side and easily adjusts for weight fluctuations in your horse.
  • Works to set the right adjustment every time you ride.
  • Requires no special training. Very easy to use
  • Comes in a variety of standard sizes to work with any horse and saddle. Custom fitting is also available. See photos here.