HSR saddle pads are used and promoted by Natural Horse Professionals Pat and Linda Parelli and others:

“Over the years, we’ve tried and used hundreds of pads. In 2001 Pat and I were invited to be part of testing a new pad in the making. The goal of the pad was to be the ideal interface between the horse’s back and the static saddle, The most interesting part of the pad was the use of an air and foam ‘mattress’ technology that is widely known in the camping and medical field as ThermaRest®. With just a thin layer, it is capable of evening-out pressure points and creating an extraordinary surface for sleeping or sitting on, The ThermaRest® technology is what is inside this revolutionary saddle pad calledTheraflex®.

“The Theraflex® pad allows the rider to feel close to the horse and enables the horse’s muscles to move despite the static saddle. Because it stops the saddle from jarring, the rider is able to feel the horse more and greater fluidity is achieved.”

-Linda Parelli
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
From her article, “Pros and cons of Saddling”

Dear Alan,

 I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me at such short notice so I could have the tools for my assessment. I am pleased to tell you that I passed my Level 1  with my #1 partner Royal. I was SO excited to get my pad and to see that I can still use my saddle…You will be hearing from me soon as I am wanting to get a double cinch for even better saddle/pad fit. Thanks for the red carpet treatment!”

Rachel K.

What I love about my Western Theraflex Pad is, that I can adjust it to fit both my horses’ backs, who are completely different in shape. My TB is high withered and my mare is very round. They are both very happy with the pad and the Natural Performer saddle. No more one size fits all! It is adjusted for the individual horse with the shims. Another thing that’s really great about it, that it is non slip and the saddle won’t slide to one side when I get on my horse.

-Ilka B.

This is an awesome pad. It’s so easy to adjust while you are sitting in the saddle, Just let a little air out or in as needed. Then there are slots for shims if they are needed. You just can not go out and buy a new saddle everytime you get a new horse, or the horse doesn’t develop in a way it should. With the theraflex pad, it helps to improve the balance where the saddle is placed.

-Patricia M.

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