In most cases, saddles “rub our horses the wrong way,” put more strain on their spines, restrict movement and even cause dehydration due to poor sweat evaporation. In the long term these problems can cause serious medical issues for your horse or, at best, an understandable reluctance to be saddled at all.

Informative articles by Alan Brownlie.

The following links provide more information on the technology, development, and use of the HSR saddle pad.

HSR Pad Technology
Information on the unique, patented laminated construction of HSR.

Pressure Sensing Pad Visual Results
FSA pressure pad test results.

Endorsements and Testimonials
HSR Saddle Pad is endorsed by Parelli Natural Horsemanship and other professionals.

HSR Interface System Instructions
This page contains the instructions on use and care of your HSR Interface System.